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Experience an Exotic Taste of Moringa Soup at Aston Inn Gresik

Kamis, 05 Agustus 2021 - 01:03
Experience an Exotic Taste of Moringa Soup at Aston Inn Gresik The tempting look of moringa soup of Astonn Inn Gresik. (Photo: Aston Inn Gresik for TIMES Indonesia).

TIMES MATARAM, JAKARTA – Moringa has become a common plants found in Indonesia. The local community has made the leaves especially into some local food with exotic taste. And if the local areas become one obstacle for you, you could just find it atAston Inn Gresik.

Aston Inn trying to bring the local delicacy to their table. This hotel would love to introduce the local taste to their guests and customers. Located at Jalan Sumatera GKB, Gresik, East Java, the hotel commits to bring the local taste to their table through this soup.

The soup for taken for some reasons. Other than to introduce the local dished to the customers, the health properties of moringa has attracted Aston Inn to bring this soup closer to their customers.

It is believe that moringa could give some benefit to our health. It has been used traditionally by the local community to boost their immune.

"The Medical School of Airlangga University has recommend moringa for its minerals and vitamins in it," Executive Chef Aston Inn Gresik, Danang Dwi Lukito said on Friday (30/7/2021).

Beside moringa soup, Aston Inn Gresik also made some other dishes like chicken soup with indigenous spices and spicy beef with basils. This dishes will complete your dining moment and keep you energized the whole day.

Meanwhile, during this social restriction, Aston Inn Gresik also take some delivery order.  The moringa soup and another dishes created by Aston Inn will be your best companion during this social restriction at home. (*)

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Editor : Khodijah Siti

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